Who is aundrea from danity kane dating

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Who is aundrea from danity kane dating

Now, just a few months later, Danity Kane is no more.

I don’t really care why—whether somebody allegedly punched somebody in the back of the head, or didn’t, or whatever—because all I know is that I was robbed of what could’ve been the best Danity Kane album to date, the Danity Kane album of my 20’s.

I was 15 hours away from home at college when I watched things start to go south on finale, O’Day and Woodgett left the band, therefore putting an end to Danity Kane’s run.

I was heartbroken when the band broke up, but I was even more heartbroken when I realized that not many people cared.

I wasn’t walking around asking for Danity Kane to win a Grammy.

I wasn’t listening to the lyrics to try and discover something about the meaning of life. I didn’t go out of my way to keep track of Danity Kane after that.

Because, you know, everything is backwards when you’re a teen and blasting Danity Kane seemed more normal than blasting Queen. In fact, between those two albums, I almost never rolled my windows up.) In the next few years, I formed a relationship with Danity Kane. But here’s the thing about Danity Kane’s music: You could accept it for what it was.Living in New York, I was no longer a teen and I no longer had a car, but “Lemonade” seemed like the perfect fit for apartment dance parties and the occasional subway ride to work.As I should have predicted, Danity Kane’s sound had matured along with me, but much like me, it hadn’t changed that much.Despite the fact that they’d lost two band mates—Aundrea and D.Woods—their sound was everything I remembered it to be.

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“I have a lot of different types of music on my i Pod.” That’s my go-to response when people ask for my favorite band, clearly trying to learn something about me by the fact that I like Jason Mraz or that one Mystikal song. But in between, I’ve had many musical phases, and in 2005, I was a teenager who’d just gotten her first car—equipped with a sun roof—and needed some jams that were worthy of the windows-down treatment and were quickly signed to Bad Boy Records.